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Aristide Marini


After working in marketing at Montedison and Eurogest, I devised, organized and managed trade shows and events at ANCI EXPO (National municipalities association in Italy) and Mondadori Informatica, where I started up the Trade Shows and Exhibition Conferences division. In Smau I was Exhibition Director bringing about the maximum expansion of the IT show(450.000 visitors 106000 square metres). Since then I have been responsible for several start-ups of events for Fiera Milano and Reed Exhibitions. I have also worked with ARPA Lombardia.
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Diego Meozzi


Webmaster, photographer and journalist. I have written over two thousand articles, mainly technical (IT, video, audio and musical instruments, photography) and scientific, and contributed to the creation of several magazines. Since 1996 I have worked on the creation and hosting of web sites and multimedia products. As a virtual panoramic expert, I have made movies for museums and companies such as Fiat and Alfa Romeo. I have also participated in numerous projects with government agencies (such as Scottish SCRAN), multinationals, as well as work for major artists such as musician Peter Gabriel. Currently I manage websites for Italian, French, British, German, American and Arab clients.
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Edoardo Rizzo


I have a degree in Visual Design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Milan. I worked with Walter Ballmer developing creative projects for companies such as Valentino, Agusta Group, Ski center Sestrière, Weber carburetors, designed advertising and promotional material for Olivetti, produced several Annual Reports for multinational companies, and worked with the Ted Bates agency for the pharmaceutical sector. I designed an anniversary book for the oil company Saras and have carried out several projects for websites and packaging studies.
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Gino Manuppelli


I graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Naples, then specialized at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce of Lyon and the Heinz Goldmann Foundation in communication, marketing and business management. I worked in international marketing and directed a branch of the Zaire Carlo Erba Farmitalia group. I started up Boiron Italy and was managing director. I have also been a trainer and teacher for companies and universities.
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Paola Arosio


Journalist since 1986, I worked at the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) press office in Milan, on the editorial staff of the weekly magazine "Famiglia Cristiana", the monthly magazines "Scienza & Vita" (Rusconi Publishing) and "Airone" (Giorgio Mondadori Publishing) and the Virgilio web portal. I translate editorials, books and guidebooks from English and French. Since 1996 I have been designing web sites and running blogs as well as writing articles on tourism, the environment and social issues.
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Simona Girardi


  I graduated in Psychology at Padua and specialized in psychoanalysis, Psychotic-diagnostics, Psychotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NPL), and Conflict Mediation. I worked as consultant for EURO RSCG advertising campaigns analyzing the adequacy of communication. In addition to clinical activity I have worked as a teacher and trainer for companies, PA, and universities (IREF, CITE, ILO, IULM). I am also an expert on mobbing, women's empowerment and the prevention and protection of workers against psycho-social risk.
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Sonia Sabato


I graduated in Public Relations at IULM, University Institute of Modern Languages in Milan. After working in communications for companies such as the International Research Institute, Mondadori, Gruppo Editoriale Investire (publishing companies) I served as Marketing Communication Manager for the Mediterranean area in Eicon Technology and APC, where later I held the position of MarCom Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I have participated in start-ups in the Information Technology field.
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Carlo Mezzanotte

Graduated in Engineering at the Politecnico of Milan, I worked as Product Manager for Novell, Product Marketing Director and Technology Specialist and Infrastructure Optimization Lead Director with Microsoft. I am a product and audience marketing consultant and information science and technolgy teacher.

Elena Damascelli

After graduating in Law at the University of Milan, I worked in the External Communications Department of Unisys and Olivetti where I managed relations with the vertical (specialized) press. Then I worked in a communication agency in Milan where I managed the press office of multinationals in the IT sector, such as Siemens, Getronics, EDS and BMC Software.

Giorgio Narcisi

I graduated in Pedagogy at the Catholic University of Milan specializing in adult education and learning action focused on reducing the operational complexity of organizations. I started work in the Unilever Group, I then served as Organizational Development Manager in Autogrill. I have also worked as a trainer for Thesis, a management consulting company.

Michele Cogliati

I am a video producer, cameraman, video editor, photographer, documentary film maker and multimedia programs developer. I worked for the Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, the Parco Sirente Velino, the Province of Rome, the WWF and Kidco Services (TV broadcast services). I have also taught marketing and communication strategies for tourism.
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