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Corporate Identity and Corporate Publishing
The image is more  
than an idea. It is a vortex 
or cluster of fused ideas,
endowed with energy.
Ezra Pound 

  • Analysis of the logo and overall graphic design concept of all existing communication materials
  • Logo or trademark design or restyling, Stationary design and production
  • Creation, production and/or placing of brochures, catalogues, manuals
  • Copywriting or business writing
  • Design and production of house magazines, newsletters or their assignment
  • Graphic design and production of monographs, annual reports
  • Implementation of corporate identity in clothes, gifts, vehicles and signs
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Corporate Identity and Corporate Publishing

  • Design and production of calendars, diaries and promotional items and gadgets
  • Design and production of invitations, programmes, stationary, press folder or press kit, badges and signs for events and trade shows
  • Design and production of packaging and merchandising items
  • Design or assignment of advertising campaign

Typesetting, pre-press and printing supervision
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  • Design visual web consistent with the corporate identity
  • Multilingual Web site implementation
  • Hosting on Linux servers located in USA and Europe, with 99,997% uptime, CDP backup every 6 hours and MailFoundry antispam system
  • Web design or web restyling, maintenance and updating of websites
  • Domain names registration, transfer and management
  • Research and development of scripts, and animations tailored
  • Build e-commerce solutions
  • Design banner advertising and online publicity, e-newsletters and e-mailing
  • Search engine submission and optimization
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