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For those who want to organize or promote a fair or an event
If we take care  
of the means,
we are bound
to reach the end.
Mahatma Gandhi 

  • Planning and organizing events and exhibitions
  • Feasibility studies
  • Sector opinion leader recruitment
  • Location selection and management services
  • Finding sponsors and business partners
  • Organizing secretarial operations
  • Press Office
  • Promotional activities management
  • Personnel recruitment and training
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For those who want to attend a fair or an event

  • Selecting relevant shows and opportunities to improve visibility
  • Handling of all formalities relating to trade show participation
  • Stand design, construction service and on-site assistance
  • Creation and production of graphics, promotional and info material
  • Recruitment, selection and briefing of stand staff
  • Optimising presence at show with the design of specific localised promotional actions
  • Registration form creation, follow up and contacts management
  • Press Office
  • Track results and ROI
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Conferences, seminars and training courses

  • Venue selection, catering and audio-video services management
  • Selection and coordination of speakers and speeches
  • Creation and production of graphics, badges, info material
  • Send out invitations, post flyers, and e-mail reminders
  • Online and onsite attendees registration handling
  • Personnel recruitment and training
  • Reception management or on-site desk management
  • Selection and production of promotional items and attendees gifts
  • Entertainment selection and organization
  • Report ,analysis and follow up
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